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Signs That Tell You Your Child Has a Dental Infection

Signs That Tell You Your Child Has a Dental Infection

When dental infections are left untreated, they can damage the teeth and spread to different areas of the body. As a result, your child can experience infections in the face or neck, which will only increase their discomfort and pain. Here is a list of signs you should be looking for when checking for dental infections.

1. A Severe Toothache

This is the obvious sign – a toothache with throbbing, sharp, shooting, or gnawing pain. As the dental infection spreads in the mouth, pus will begin to collect in your child’s mouth. This will surely make the area painful and sensitive. When your child starts complaining of a toothache, take her to the dentist as soon as possible to avoid further spreading.

2. Darkened Tooth

Check your child’s mouth regularly. If you notice a tooth that is darker in color when compared to the rest, this can be a sign of infection.

3. Pain and Sensitivity When Chewing

If you notice that your child experiences pain, is sensitive to cold food, or is in pain while biting and chewing, consider this a sign.

4. Loss of Appetite

A continuous loss of appetite in very young children is a sign of dental infection, especially if you are dealing with a toddler who cannot tell you what he is feeling. Pain and sensitivity often prevent toddlers from eating as they normally do, so check hermouth if you notice this happening.

5. Swollen Gums, Neck, or Jaw

Take a look at the gums and neck of your child. Their gums should have apink color and even tone everywhere throughout the mouth. If you notice a red and swollen area, this may be caused by an infection. As such infections spread, the jaw and neck can also start swelling.

Knowing that your child is experiencing pain is something no parent wants. This is why when they suffer from some kind of dental infection, you need to be able to recognize the signs before it causes them strong, lasting pain.

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