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Mouthguards for Children

Mouthguards for Children

If your child plays any form of contact sport, it is incredibly important for them to wear a mouthguard. Mouthguards are custom-made rubber covers that fit perfectly over the teeth and gums and that can prevent damage to the lips, teeth, gums, tongue, face, and jaw. There is evidence that a high-quality mouthguard can also reduce impacts causing concussions and neck injuries.

Different types of mouthguards

You can get a custom-made mouthguard by taking your child to the nearest dentist. They will then make an impression of his or her mouth to ensure that the mouthguard will fit snugly over the teeth and gums. Standard mouthguards or boil-and-bite kits that you alter yourself by heating it in warm water and inserting into your mouth until it sets do not provide the same protection. It is not as comfortable and there is a possibility that it may fall out.

Replace the mouthguard

Mouthguards are available in a wide variety of colors and designs. When your child is still growing, he may have to replace the mouthguard regularly. Don’t wait too long after the mouthguard gets too small before buying a new one. A mouthguard that is too small doesn’t provide the maximum protection. It can also become uncomfortable and fall out of your child’s mouth.

Protect your kid’s braces

If your child has braces, don’t allow him to participate in contact sport without a mouthguard. Not only does the mouthguard protect the expensive braces from damage, it also ensures that the braces themselves don’t cause injury to the inside of your child’s mouth.

Mouthguard prices may differ, depending on the dentist. You can make few phone calls and get a rough idea who is the most affordable if you want to, but when it comes to mouthguards, quality may be a bigger priority than affordability. A mouthguard will give you peace of mind and can possibly prevent a serious injury.

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