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How to help your kids brush their teeth for good

How to help your kids brush their teeth for good

We know that getting your kids to bed on time, putting their pyjamas on or even getting ready for school on time is a challenge for any parent. And to make matters worse, getting them to brush their teeth can feel nearly impossible. So most parents end up resorting to doing it for them, because they want an easier life. But you know that at some point, you know they need to learn for themselves. But how exactly do you get them to this point? That’s why we’re here to help. Follow these few tips on how to help your kids brush their own teeth so they can get started today.

Lead by example

The reality is, as a parent you are a role model. Children are constantly evaluating their environment and modelling from their parents to learn about the world around them, and it is no different when it comes to brushing their teeth. So instead of brushing your own teeth later on that night when you go to bed, try brushing your own teeth with them. Even if they are not yet able to brush their own teeth, it will start planting the seed in their head about how to do it for themselves, and watching you do it automatically makes them want to copy your behaviour. Don’t overlook the simplicity of this tip, because just watching you do it can make the world of difference.

Use the brush without toothpaste

If your child is new to brushing their own teeth, they might need to just get used to using a toothbrush before you think about the toothpaste. Not only that, but the taste of toothpaste can often be off putting for children so start small with just the brush, and build them up to that point. Remember, it’s more important that they get used to doing it themselves at this point than it is to use toothpaste.

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