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How Parents Can Help Kids Learn to Brush Their Teeth

How Parents Can Help Kids Learn to Brush Their Teeth

Good oral hygiene is essential for healthy teeth and better overall health. That’s why it’s necessary to instill the culture of brushing in your children while they’re still young. Unfortunately, the more you try to get kids to brush their teeth, the more they will want to do the opposite.

This conflict can be frustrating, but you don’t have to give up the struggle. Below are some valuable tips to quickly help your children to learn to brush their teeth.

Be a Role Model

Children commonly mimic what adults around them are doing. Make a habit of brushing your teeth in front of your child every day. You should start this before you let him brush on his own. This way, he will learn that brushing is an everyday routine. It is something that the child should do every day.

Make It a Game

Brushing can be tedious, even for adults. An excellent way to ensure your child doesn’t lose interest a few seconds into brushing is to make it fun. You can find one of those smartphone apps that challenge children to brush along to a video for the recommended two minutes. This way, your child won’t even realize the two minutes are elapsing.

Let Them Choose Their Dental Products

When you allow your child to choose his toothbrush and toothpaste, he’ll be much more likely to use them later. This way, they get the opportunity to pick out products that feature their favorite characters or a type of toothpaste that they’ve used before and liked it. However, you should consider the dentist’s recommendations when doing this.

Reward Good Brushing Behavior

You can devise a reward scheme to motivate your child to brush his teeth often. One of the best ideas is to award points every time your child completes brushing without whining or every time he remembers to brush on his own.  Once he accrues enough points, you can reward him with a toy or his favorite snack.

With these tricks, you will have an easy time instilling the habit of proper dental care in your kids.

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