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Fluoride And Your Child

Fluoride And Your Child

As a parent, it is pure instinct to want to keep your child safe. However, child safety does not just pertain to the external, but also to the harm caused to their teeth.


Dental cavities are one of the most widespread health issues among adults and children. Flouride is one of the most effective and safest methods to fight these cavities. Fluoride is a mineral that occurs naturally, and is proven to help strengthen and improve teeth.

Why is Fluoride so Important

Flouride maintains and improves dental health by strengthening teeth. The outer layer of teeth called the enamel, is prone to acid attacks. The acid comes from sugary beverages as well as acidic foods consumed. It also comes from bacteria that resides in the mouth creating acid from sugar.

The acid produced can eat through enamel which causes cavities to form.

When fluoride is ingested it forms part of the structure of the enamel, thereby hardening it and making it resistant to acid attacks.

Flouride is safe for use with both adults and children. As fluoride is shown to turn back early tooth decay, it is important to make sure your child brushes their teeth using toothpaste containing fluoride. However, use on children younger than 6 months is not recommended.

Health Risks Associated With Fluoride Use

Although the use of fluoride is generally considered safe, it is best to avoid misuse and over concentration. To accomplish this avoid drinking water that has been over fluoridated.  Also avoid swallowing toothpaste. Over fluoridated teeth will show signs of discoloration with spotted or stained looking enamel. A condition known as fluorosis.


Children are quite vulnerable to dental fluorosis. Mostly due to the fact that their developing teeth are sensitive to high fluoride levels. Therefore, it is wise to consult your doctor in cases where this condition is spotted.

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