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Can Your Child Really Enjoy Brushing Their Teeth?

Can Your Child Really Enjoy Brushing Their Teeth?

When a child is introduced to tooth brushing, it’s like a new adventure for them. But after a short time, they get bored with it. They might even consider it punishment. However, there is something you can do to help make brushing teeth more appealing to your child and it has to do with the dental products you buy.

First, what kind of tooth brush do you buy them? A regular tooth brush with some color and soft bristles may not do enough to move them to brush. But what if you got a tooth brush that features one of their favorite cartoon characters or a superhero?

Let’s take the super hero. You might be able to bring back the adventure with this one. They can pretend that the toothbrush is a special weapon that the super hero helps your childfight against the “evil Doctor Gum Disease.” But they must use this weapon twice a day. Something like this could help your child develop good brushing habits that could continue far into adulthood.

The other item, of course, is the toothpaste. Most are made with mint. We adults are used to that, but a child’s palate might be more sensitive to the stronger flavor.

But the toothpaste manufacturers got smart here too. You can find many different toothpastes that have berry or bubblegum flavors, and more. Plus, you can also find the packaging centered around kid movie themes, cartoon characters or super heroes.

However, sometimes even with the most valiant effort, a child might still resist brushing. It could require highlighting the consequences of not brushing. Still, these two ideas have produced good results for many families. If you have a child that hasn’t taken to the idea of brushing, give us a call. We would be glad to help.

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